Types Of Videos We Produce


We have the capabilities, resources, equipment, and — most importantly — the experience to handle every part of your video production. From content strategy , pre production, production, post production and even video marketing, we can do it all. Here are just some of the types of videos we can help you create.


Customer Journey/Testimonial

This is a video that shows a story of your customer(s) and their interaction with your business. There are three parts to this type of video:

1. The problem the customer had before they found your product/service.

2. The journey the customer shared with your business.

3. Where is your customer today?



From Staff bios to owner bios. This video allows customers to get to know your team. This type of video is for anyone that is customer-facing, but especially for your sales teams.

This is a short video that covers personal and professional interests.



Why do you keep answering the same questions? Together we brainstorm the top 10 major questions you get every single time you’re on a sales call for your product/service.

We then create videos that answer those 10 questions. Doing this will help speed up the sales process for you and your customer.


Product / Service Page

This is a specific video for every major product or service you sell. There are two things you should address in this type of video.

1. The product/service details (who it’s for, who it involves, who it benefits, and why it’s good).

2. Who the product/service is NOT for.


Event Coverage

This is the ideal video for when you need a great recap from your conference. We film beautiful footage of your event along with dynamic interviews of attendees.



Do you need a crowdfunding video for Kickstarter or Indiegogo? We got you covered. We’ll write the script, find the actors and make the video. You won’t have to worry about a thing.


Company Promotional

This video is perfect for when you want something simple and powerful that explains and highlights your overall business.