You should have one specific video for every major product or service you sell. These videos will help new and current customers better understand specific products.


What are product videos?

A product video is pretty self-explanatory, but in essence, they are videos that show off your product in the most visually and aesthetically pleasing way possible. Thousands of top brands use them – and you should too. It’s the go-to way for brands to make their products stand out among the rest. In today’s world of TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels, and other video mediums, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce. Video is one of the most popular ways for brands to reach their customers, and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, according to the New York Times, almost 40% of Gen Z is turning to TikTok to do a quick search for things like products and services. They aren’t “googling” things as much anymore.

Product Video v.s. Branded Video

Product videos differ from branded videos in several distinctive ways. Branded videos are often produced as content and primarily used to familiarize the viewer with the company’s image, whereas product videos typically concentrate on the benefits of using a product or service. Branded videos often aren’t animated, but serve as a way to present testimonials or put a face to a company.Product videos effectively describe how a product will help the client by demonstrating what problems it can help them solve.

young beautiful woman is selling cream. spa and wellness concept.

Why do you need product videos?

Your company may not fail completely if you don’t choose to create product videos to show off your goods and services, but it might suffer. Some say that businesses that fail to adapt to modern marketing and engagement tactics have a higher chance of falling by the wayside, while newer companies adapt and survive by doing just that. 


Product videos show what you would say to customers in either a blog or a product description on your website. That does not necessarily mean that you would do away with blog posts and product descriptions, but you would have a product video made in addition to those things. Product videos make for great social media advertisements – and, combined with an in-app purchase feature like Instagram has, could be the final selling point for a customer who has been considering your product.

Do you need product videos for eCommerce? 

Selling products online has been broken down to a science at this point. It’s a large equation, and product videos are one of the many variables involved in that equation. That’s why Paralux Visuals is passionate about creating cinema-quality product videos for our customers. Any seller who is serious about selling their product online should have product videos made. A customer who is looking to buy something online does not have the privilege of being able to hold the product in their hands, so a detailed video showing the highlights of the product is very beneficial to any customer who is trying to decide if the product is right for them.

Are product videos useful for Amazon? 

Product videos are incredibly useful for Amazon sellers. Just like we mentioned before, the right video featuring the highlights of the product as well as key points can convert a prospecting customer into a loyal one. These videos will be located in the product description, so instead of reading your description, a customer can just watch the video and be wowed into buying the product.